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Bridgette Radebe recieves top nomination at GABA 2018

Bridgette Radebe, the older sister of the South African billionaire, Patrice Motsepe, was awarded International Business Person of the Year in 2008. She holds top positions in a number of companies, but is mainly known for her position as founder and executive chairperson at Mmakau Mining Limited. She was last rated as having a net-worth of R1 billion and is also one of nominees of  African Business Woman of the Year  at the 2018  Global African Business Awards.

Want to know more about this amazing woman? Well here you go;

Born in the 60’s. Radebe started out as a common miner in the 1980s; managing individual shaft mining operations and producing materials for the larger mine operations in South Africa while working under a contract.She started Mmakau Mining; a mining firm which initiates explorations and helps to produce platinum, gold, and chrome.

Radebe is now the President of the South African Mining Development Association and her husband is South Africa’s Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe. She is also the member of the New Africa Mining Fund and serves on the Sappi Board.  When South Africa was re-created 83% of the natural resources belonged to the racial minority (white people). Today, 91% of the same resources are owned by corporate monopolies.

She suggests three solutions to solve the problem:  1) complete nationalization of all mining operations, 2) a state buyout of the mining operations of dwindling profitability in the name of black empowerment, 3) a co-operation movement between public and private sectors over the running of South Africa’s mines.

If you are inspired by Radebe and her story. Vote for her at the upcoming Global African Business Awards 2018


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Juliet Sehlangu

    June 10, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    I cast my vote to Bridgette Radebe for being able to run a business as the First black female in a white dominated industry and she climb the ladder with good qualities.

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